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I went to purchase a vehicle at Sherman Dodge in Skokie, IL and got more than I baragained for. After researching the vehicle I wanted on their website and making 2 phone calls to the dealership, I never met the salesman I spoke with on the phone. I was given a saleman that was more interested in selling me a van close to the showroom instead of the vehicle I researched from their website. Finally after making him show me the right van the price war started. The vehicle was to be "certified" after paying a fee; a fee most dealerships will charge expect I was given 4 different prices from 4 different people. Once that was cleared up I waited 2 hours to see someone in the finance department. During my wait the salesman made an appointment for me to bring the vehicle in at a later date to have a paint shield and interior protector applied, something done to all certified vehicles from their dealership. 2 days later the salesman called back and said that this service was not included in my purchase of this so-called "certified" vehicle.

After leaving I realized that I was never shown a checklist of the vehicle's "certification" inspection. I have no idea what I paid a "certification" fee for because the interior was even vaccumed out.

So, if you want to feel and be treated like an idoit, head over to Sherman Dodge and let them try and take advantage of you!

Monetary Loss: $995.

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